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Haircutting is one of the most wanted services in hairdressing salon.

For high-quality service and results when we speak about haircuts, hairdresser must be well-skilled in order to perceive what kind of face you have and whether your wishes can be aligned with the real condition of your hair.

Each type of hair (thin, tick) has its own limitations when choosing a hairstyle that hairdresser will create.

Therefore, basic consultations prior each haircut are necessary. Client’s dissatisfactions with the performed service and hairstyle may be a result of impropriate conversation and understanding of clients’ wishes as well as hairdresser’s sudden choice of concrete haircut.

The fact is that the vast majority of women and girls in these areas like long and extra-long hair, so they don’t cut it regularly.

Such hair can be recognized by very bad split ends and even the entire length of the hair, which has been damaged by the use of hot tools such as hair dryers, flat-irons, curling-tongs and constant blow-drying. Regular coloring can contribute to hair damage, but when it comes to cutting those bad parts, a quality debate arises.

Why do clients want to have haircuts?

The first reason is the shortening of damaged ends by 1-2 cm, the so-called hygienic haircut, which, if done regularly between 30-60 days, gives the hair a high-quality and healthy look.

Another reason is a fashionable haircut that results in a change of hair style, and encourage you to enjoy following the concrete hair fashion style.

When cutting hair, the hairdresser can use various tools – scissors for precise cutting, scissors for thinning the hair, hair clippers, scissors for sliding haircuts…etc.

Usually when hairdresser takes out some of the scissors-tools from the large assortment, client’s reaction could be negative – due to a previous bad haircut experience, they do not want to get their hair cut with specific tools-scissors again.

Our response to this kind of reaction is always directed towards hairdresser’s knowledge and a professional approach, so the problem is not the tools he uses, but the knowledge and techniques he applies.

The precise procedure for haircutting in professional premium salons includes:

  • Consultations, final agreement on haircut, all fashion details and hair length
  • Choosing a fashion direction as a compensation for hair and face imperfections
  • Hair washing with appropriate premium hair cosmetics according to the type of hair and the requirements of the hairstyle itself
  • Hair treatment with conditioners or masks according to hair type
  • Haircut on wet hair 80-90%
  • Hair drying with or without blow-drying and simulating home drying conditions in client’s everyday life
  • Haircuts finishing on dry hair 10-20%
  • Final hair styling with the advice on maintaining the hairstyle at home and products which need to be used

The fact is that, if you dye and blow dry your hair regularly, and do not take the proper care of your hair, you will get haircuts more often in order to maintain the health of the hair lenht & ends not to follow the fashion style.

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