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Hairdressing salon Hazz Hair was established by the great desire of its founder, #majstorzvonko, the best hairdresser and leader in setting trends in the hairdressing industry, to present and promote the spirit of European metropolises in hair care, hair coloring, haircutting, and hair styling in Belgrade.

Hairdressing salon Hazz Hair can offer all types of hairdressing services with exceptional professionalism in work and commitment to the highest work standards in the hairdressing industry. An individual approach implies maximum dedication to each client, implementation of acquired knowledge in the country and abroad and commitment to the highest standards.

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Hazz hair

The way of working in the Hazz Hair hairdressing salon requires a quality partner in terms of cosmetics. That’s why the professional hairdressers in this salon use highly professional equipment as well as the premium quality cosmetics that guarantee the best results and care, along with satisfaction at work. This means the usage of Schwarzkopf Professional, #schwarzkopfpro, premium professional cosmetics for hair colour, hair styling and hair care. With the recommendation of our hairdressers-stylists, all products for hair care and hair styling that we use, can be bought in the sales area of the hairdressing salon Hazz Hair in Belgrade.

The highest level of service, pleasant refreshments and adequate professional literature that informs clients about the latest trends in hair styling, hair coloring and hair care make Hazz Hair hairdressing salon unique in this area. With a thirty-years of reputation, professional approach, and constant development, #hazzhair team is ready to answer every client’s fashion request when it comes to hairdressing services and hairdressing training.


Hairdresser Zvonko, #majstorzvonko is the one who has run the Hazz Hair salon since its opening. From the very beginning, he has been open-minded to hair styles coming from Europe and the world, thereby promoting new trends in hair cutting, hair styling and hair coloring in Belgrade. Following the best hairdressers in Belgrade, at the first place his mentor, Stevan Bogdanov, #stevanstill, an eminent hair stylist with great experience gained at the most prestigious hairdressing academies in London and Paris, #majstorzvonko was given a chance to learn the best from the best, to bring the hair coloring, hair cutting and hair styling to the perfection. In order not to miss such an opportunity, he created his hairdressing salon Hazz Hair with hairdressing working methods as in the world’s best hairdressing studios.

Along with the performances of the world’s leading hairdressers and academies, #majstorzvonko brings to Belgrade standards and alternatives, modern and attractive hairdressing styles with a high level of freedom in implementation of hair colors and their combinations on the hair.

In addition to his work in the hairdressing salon Hazz Hair, #majstorzvonko is very active in the hair education segment, promoting and spreading the knowledge in accordance with world hairdressing standards, thereby raising the level of general hairdressing knowledge in the country and surrounding area. His rich experience as a professional hairdressing educator has enabled him to improve the knowledge and skills of his colleagues for almost two decades. He has organized and carried out various hairdressing seminars and trainings with the aim to improve the profession and promote premium brands. So far, he has held more than 300 hairdressing courses for various brands, including #stevanstill, #goldwell, #wellaprofessional, #eugeneperma, #davines, #matrix and #lorealprofessionnel. For the last ten years, he has been part of the #schwarzkopfprofessional @workteam of Central Europe and Asia, where he has successfully built his international career as an educator & hairstylist.

In daily salon work, our #hazzhair team meets different types of clients, personalities and shapes of their faces. Therefore, we have developed a program of personalized consultations in the hairdressing salon where we listen carefully our client’s requests and wishes, but do not fulfill them unless they are in accordance with our strict professional standards and with the protection of hair quality after our services. The reason for this is our vision of the hairdressing art, which has been proven by decades of work in the salon and at seminars, and it is adapted to all types of faces and coordinated with the length, texture and color of the hair.

Our mission is not to listen to our clients strictly and fulfill their wishes, but to use our knowledge and experience, to pay attention to the smallest details, provide the expert hairdressing advice and adapt all your requests to the realistic condition and possibilities of the hair.

Members of our #hazzhair team are people who constantly improve their hairdressing skills related to all hairdressing procedures in our salon. Our motto is that one should never stop learning and improving oneself. Therefore, continual internal education and testing of all hairstyles, textures, and colors, as well as preparation technologies are first done on training mannequins and only after well-practiced techniques, they can be applied to the real hair. This enables us to be a hairdressing salon in Belgrade with premium service, which makes us one of the best hairdressing salons in Serbia.

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