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Hairdressing salon Hazz Hair provides only high-quality hairdressing services, the highest professionalism in work and a pleasant environment. The name of the services we provide may be the same or similar to services of other hairdressing salons, but what differs us is the unique hairdressing concept, high quality, authenticity of our way of working, the trust of our clients that has lasted for 30 years, commitment to the individual approach and the priority we give both to professionalism in work and the smallest details. All of this ultimately result with premium hair style quality, hair color and hair care that the client has in our hairdressing salon.

Our concept is based on decades of learning, perfecting, and improving the work of the whole #hazzhair team, constantly following fashion hairstyle trends to provide clients with the highest level of hairdressing service, but also a pleasant ambience during their visit.

Once a year we release our collection of hairstyles, in other words, the way how we see fashion events and trends on the world hairdressing stage.

Our services are a result of dedicated work in hairdressing salon, love, but also a kind of a passion for hair, the same time the desire to provide local and international clients with top quality hair work that can be found in London, Paris or New York. Therefore, we have created different types of hairdressing services depending on client’s wishes, needs and preferences. Before we start with implementation of the specific service in our hairdressing salon, there is a professional hairdressing consultation, an explanation of whether and to what extent the specific service is possible, as well as an expert valuation of our #majstorzvonko when it comes to the hair quality. We don’t make compromise with the hair quality. That is why we dedicate enough time to each client in the consultation before we start with the service itself, and the decision on the specific service is made based on the valuation and the possibilities of a certain type of hair and face aligned with clients’ wishes.

Hairdressing salon Hazz Hair provides the following services: hair cutting, blow-drying, hair coloring, balayage, permanent wave, hair highlights, ombre, sobmre, hair volume, keratin treatment, hair Botox, hair buns, formal hairstyles, hair toppings, olaplex treatment, hair bleaching, hair de-coloring, semi-demi permanent colors.


Balayage is a special technique of hair dyeing in which lighter parts stand out in combination with your natural shade or some other that will highlight your face in the right light. Within balayage technique, we personalize the service according to each client and face type and we do face framing very often and with additional brightness we highlight facial features and achieve perfect balayage. Performing the balayage technique in our hairdressing salon is possible only after a detailed valuation of the hair quality, as well as joint approach with the client regarding the wishes and shades of the final look. During the balayage technique performing, it is very important that the hairdresser is an expert in coloring understanding the tone and brightness of the base, as well as the final desired shade. This is the reason why the balayage technique is special in the hairdressing salon Hazz Hair – in addition to the outstanding result, the hair itself remains healthy and its quality is being preserved, and the client is well educated on how to continue hair care at home.

Hair salon Hazz Hair and the entire team that works here turn the traditional permanent wave into a modern one, putting the preservation of the hair quality as a priority. When someone says #hairperm permanent wave, the first association is a photo of hairstyles from the ‘80s and ‘90s, when tiny curls were one of the must-have trends in hairstyles. But not for the professional team of this hair salon. #hazzhair is one of the very few that gives a new, modern interpretation of the traditional understanding and evaluation of permanent waves, the so-called #modernperming where the final result is a completely natural look of curls that can be styled in different ways, completely opposite from what was understood as a permanent wave at the end of the last century.

We are experts in creating a permanent hair texture – our hair perm and its modern variant lasts up to three months, does not affect the hair quality and can even be combined with semi-demi permanent colors. The #hairperm as a service is much popular among male clients today, the trend itself is in a big return to the hair fashion scene, and our extensive experience in this field gives us the advantage of being recognized as the leading and one of the best hair salons in Belgrade for this type of service.

Regardless of which type of service you decide to try in our hairdressing salon, #hazzhair team is here to turn your visit into a unique experience, enjoying every segment of the work – starting with consultation, choosing a specific service, through the execution itself and our trademark for 30 years – unique head massages during hair washing, all the way to the result of hairstyle, smile, and client’s satisfaction.

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