By combining everyday hairdressing works and performances across Europe and Asia, we create unique collections as a result of combination of everyday life and our clients’ and models‘styles and characters. We are inspired by geometries of the facades, the play of colors and light, as well as the inevitable musical trends.

As a hair expert by turning the client’s wishes into an exclusive creation, #majstorzvonko has combined apparently incompatible fashion trends, applied premium hair cutting, hair coloring and hair styling techniques, and thus brought his skills to perfection personified in numerous collections that has been presented.


Hazz hair

We are proud of creating unique hairstyles that our clients love to wear for 30 years, that we have broken prejudices when it comes to hair coloring and hair styling, and that we have initiated positive changes in accepting different hair fashion trends.

The art of creating hairstyles, hair styling and hair care is our specialty. We harmonize your wishes with your facial features, your complexion, and your personal energy. That’s why we create personalized colors and haircuts that reflect your personality.

We offer a concept of professionalism, premium quality, precision down to the smallest details, but also advice you on the best hair care, hair style and maintaining the highest hair quality. At the same time, we are very focused on advising you how to properly continue hair care at home, with details on the use of all premium care and styling products.


The collection presents the beauty of the hairdressing. We have created it for girls who have a strong personal touch and energy. It has been inspired by hairdressing works that put focus on textures of colors and shapes and has been personalized according to the shape of the model’s face. The uniqueness of this collection is the model’s exceptional style and way of life, but also the improvement of their complete fashion appearance where, along with professionalism, we highlight the beauty of hairdressing.

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Fashion Nostalgia

The collection represents the classics in a new way. Clients who have been visiting our hairdressing salon for decades do not want to change too much. Our reflection of these fashion trends and our intention is that we bring all classic hairstyles – mostly straight hair, graduated or long, to perfection emphasizing details that make these classics appear as a new fashion light. With small details – disconnections, gradations, or graduations, we give a new look to the hairstyle. Our aim in this collection is to give the new prestige and glamour, but also to stay connected to the past.

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Freedom Spirit

This collection reflects the personal attitude of today’s modern girls. It has been created for everyone who has a specific fashion style. The collection itself is characterized by certain revolt expressed through a strong effect of cutting and coloring the hair in more intense shades. Colors that are not compatible in the first place are perfectly combined, giving the uniqueness of the hair fashion direction. These hairstyles are worn by people who lead fashion trends, who express their freedom and belonging to the concrete fashion direction.

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Modern Twist

The collection is inspired by the modern woman and her freedom. The owners of this collection are young businesswomen who embrace style with a sense of glamour, but have an expression of freedom that is not intense. They are very fashion-oriented, but they want to be accepted in the everyday business. With our unique creations, we get the hairstyle of a real modern businesswoman.

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The collection was created as a tribute to the pastel shades of gentle girls. Girls with a strong spirit but gentle appearance, who are sensual, have a specific way of demonstrating fashion trends are essential in creating this collection. The collection is full of bright colors, cool blond and  cool brown tones that are represented through our work and give a whole world of gentle shades and pastel tones. With these cool shades, we give the unique city look of modern sensual girls. Haircuts are geometrically clearly positioned, so in combination with the right color, it creates a firmness and tenderness at the same time.

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Studio looks

This collection comes from everyday salon work and different energies of our clients. Type of hairstyle presented in this collection is easy to wear and represents a daily salon, easily fit hairdressing look that does not require too much time energy for preparation. It is characterized by bright shades, intense colors, different lengths, and textures of hair personalized for each client and perfectly represent their inner “self”. With this collection, we show our professionalism in our daily salon work and our vision of the modern girl.

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Urban Pop Up

The collection shows the freedom of movement, colors and textures through various fashion styles. It was created as a result of work on editorials for numerous fashion magazines and hairdressing education. It represents the highest professionalism and the proper use of hairdressing products. Haircuts and coloring are emphasized with the styling and freedom of movement as the main segments in this collection.

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Curls & Pearls

The vision of this collection is the texture, combined with the outline of the past years, but presented in unique modern version. It represents all variants of waves, curls or super curls, permanent waves, volume effect and hair re-fraction. In one word, texture is a must have these days. We have used modern permanent-wave techniques in this collection and intensified the natural waves to make them even better defined. That is how we gave the ‘80s a modern look, spirit, and quick solutions through salon-applicable service.

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