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One of the most common services in a hairdressing salon is hair coloring. Therefore, let’s clarify how we, hairdressers, observe this, for our clients, simple work.

Re-growth is considered regular up to 2cm in length from the root. Everything more than that, invites hairdressers to apply different coloring techniques. To clarify this – the first 2 cm from the root is the hair that is still young and has not yet formed in full its keratin cover.

It is healthy and close to the scalp, and by coloring, we will be able to get almost any result we want, without any problems. Anything longer than those 2 cm of hair from the roots, even if it has never been dyed, invites us to have the so-called dual applications of hair color and different concentrations and color mixes.

Precision, a high-quality recipe meaning the right mixture of color and enough of that mixture are required in order for hair color to be successful.

The most important thing is who applies the color to your hair. The hairdresser must have the exact knowledge about the proper application of color in sufficient quantity and not to stretch and re-color parts of the hair that have already been previously colored. The desired result is reflected in the perfect blending of that colored part with the rest of the hair color.

During the consultation, before the actual act of coloring, the hairdresser should take into account the different types of skin, scalp and potential sensitivity or allergic reactions of the client and, accordingly, apply protective tonics & creams for the scalp and skin around the hairline, which every hair salon should use nowadays.

The time after applying the hair color, as well as the control and absorption of the color with the rest on the length, is part of the hairdressing procedure, where the hairstylist is responsible for supervising the process to the end.

Washing the hair too soon and removing the color, as well as keeping the color for too long can result with inadequate outcomes that have to be corrected and redone. In addition to this, restoration, i.e. refreshing the color on the rest of the hair length is never done with the same permanent color that was used on the roots, but the formula is adjusted, or a different type of semi-demi permanent color is used.

Finally, hair care is the main part of the hair coloring process, and our sincere recommendation is to maximize it and dedicate quality time for it.

In the #hazzhair hairdressing salon, consultations are free of charge, and we consider them as a priority before any work or service.

As much as hairdressing cosmetics are important for obtaining a top hairstyling result, the knowledge of the hairdresser is more important, because without a proper knowledge of the work processes themselves, the premium result will not be reached, despite the best hairdressing cosmetics.

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