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Blow-drying is a regular service for some clients, as some of them never wash their hair at home and invest a lot of time and money in the appearance of their hairstyle.

Today’s blow-drying trends are aimed at creating large textures on the hair, mostly waves and twisted ends with curls, with a lot of flexibility as the final result. Straight hair is not so popular, but when the hair is blow-dried straight, it is necessary to have a lot of shine, generally healthy look.

Curly hair is definitely a trend and is related to working with hot tools or permanent waving with chemical products.

During styling & blow-drying, high temperature occurs, from 130 °C to 230 °C, of the different tools. Therefore, it is very important to think about protecting the hair when washing it before blow-drying, as well as during the blow-drying process.

One of the main things when preparing hair for blow-drying is to apply leave-in products which enable hair care and protect it from the effects of warm tools. We call such products leave-in conditioners and serums for hair protection.

Blow-drying is never done on a completely wet hair. The hair must firstly be dried to a certain point, and then, with the help of a hair dryer it goes from wet to dry.

The experienced hairdresser, in that short period, uses his skills to give different shapes – waves, curls, straight smoothed hair. When blow-drying, the hairdresser deals with three segments on the hair – root, length and ends, and if one of them is not properly managed, a perfect result cannot be achieved.

This is the reason for many low-quality blow-drying hairstyles that we can see on the streets today – the hair has been electrified, hairstyle has been immediately ruined or that it looks fixed.

In the past, our mothers and grandmothers blow-dried their hair once a week and their hairstyles lasted at least a week with the usage of many styling products such as , hair- mousse hair-spray and hair-gel. Today, the accent on hair care is much more predominant, naturalness is emphasized, and hair washing, and blow-drying are done twice a week on average.

Inappropriate hair blow-drying can be very dangerous, and unfortunately, there are many so-called hairdressers who are not educated properly and excessively treat the hair with warm tools. They put the nozzle of the blow-dryer into the brush during blow-drying process and hold it in order to get the faster effect and a longer-lasting result, as well as keep the hot tools in one position of the hair for too long period when creating the desired shapes and textures.

If this kind of blow-drying approach is repeated once or twice a week, it happens that, depending on the hereditary line that each of us carries (thin or thick, strong, or weak hair), hair will begin to break in the period of 3-12 months, it will lose its structure and quality.

That’s why we at #hazzhair salon respect our clients’ wishes and the result we want to achieve, but much more, we prioritize the hair care and preserve hair quality rather than just getting the final desired hairstyling result.

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