Hazz Hair


HAZZ Hair Studio was created out of the great desire of its founder, top hairdresser and leader in setting trends in the hairdressing industry, to transfer the spirit of European metropolises in haircare, coloring and styling to Belgrade.


We offer our clients all types of hairdressing services with extraordinary professionalism in our work. An individual approach to the client implies full commitment, use of the wide acquired knowledge followed by the highest standards.

We use highly professional equipment and the best quality cosmetics that guarantee the greatest results and care, as well as our pleasure in work.


The highest level of service, pleasant refreshment and adequate professional literature that informs our clients about the latest trends in styling, coloring and haircare, make the exclusivity of our Studio.

With a reputation of almost 30 years, a fully professional approach and constant development, our team is ready to respond to every fashion request of the client.